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Maranhão de Avis Reservoir

Code: AVS PR1
Geographical location: Maranhão Dam
Type: Out and back
Main themes: Rurality
Distance: 7,1 km
Approximate duration: 2 hours
Type of surface: Country paths
Ascent/descent: 83 m
Minimum altitude: 127 m
Maximum altitude: 158 m
Level of difficulty: Low
Accessibility: Suitable for blind walkers and wheelchair users.
Certifications: Approved by the FPCM (Portuguese Camping and Mountaineering Federation)
Start and finish: Lugar do Pisão, Avis
Geographical coordinates: N39º01'39'' W07º55'40''
Geographical coordinates: 39.027510º -7.927984º
Where to park: Near the houses, taking care not to inconvenience residents

Useful Contacts:

Avis Tourist Board
Telephone: +351 242 412 024

In Avis, we have the perfect combination of nature and culture, an expansive reservoir with long stretches of calm and relaxing waters, and a landscape replete with fields of cork and holm oak, old-growth olive trees and grazing land for as far as the eye can see. History has been a part of this land for millennia but the high point came with the establishment of the headquarters of the Order of Aviz in this territory. This was the house to which King John I of Portugal belonged. Such was his success and acclaim that he became known as the king "of Fond Memory”.

Walking along the banks of the Maranhão Reservoir requires little physical effort but is immensely rewarding emotionally. The route follows the contours of the terrain around the banks of the lake. At every turn, there is a new feast for the eyes, with the water as backdrop and the land dotted with the area’s typical cork and holm oak trees. Every step is a scenic experience, where the horizon is marked by the distance and the sparkling white of the town of Avis.