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Senhor dos Aflitos (Lord of the Afflicted) Pilgrimage Route

Code: PTG PR9
Geographical location: Portalegre
Type: Linear
Main themes: Rurality, Cultural Heritage, Pilgrimage
Distance: 15 km
Approximate duration: 4 to 5 hours
Type of surface: Country paths
Ascent/descent: 200 m
Minimum altitude: 270 m
Maximum altitude: 336 m
Level of difficulty: Medium
Certifications: Approved by the FPCM (Portuguese Camping and Mountaineering Federation)
Start and finish: Waste ground outside Portalegre Bull Ring
Geographical coordinates: N39º15'50'' W07º26'44''
Geographical coordinates: 39.264010º -7.445716º
Where to park: Open space for parking at the site.

Useful Contacts:

Portalegre Tourist Board
Telephone: +351 245 307 445

Legend has it that a cross was placed at a remote site to signal an inglorious death or a highly successful miracle. The cross would give rise to the cult devoted to the Lord of the Afflicted and his powers to heal body and soul. A church, which would later become a sanctuary, was built at the site. The people of Portalegre traditionally go to the site on the first Sunday in May, in a festive pilgrimage that serves as the basis for a walking route through lovely rural landscapes of oak forests and grazing land.

And the fact that it is a pilgrimage route means that it holds enormous historical symbolism. Since this is a point-to-point route, you need to ensure that you have a means of getting back to the starting point afterwards. You can either walk back the same way or drive, since there is road access to the Sanctuary of Senhor dos Aflitos. The starting point for this route is the waste ground outside Portalegre Bull Ring.