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The Alentejo has three brilliant cheeses you have to try to believe

The sun of the Alentejo fills its plains with happy sheep – which in turn offer some amazing cheeses. Besides the wonderful local foods, wines and olive oils – Alentejo cheeses are part of the experience. And, even though there are many sensational local cheese varieties, there are three very special PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) cheeses. Like a DOC wine, this is designated for cheeses produced in their traditional area under strict European classification to protect these traditional slow-foods products. The three PDO cheese are named after the towns where they are made: Nisa, Évora and Serpa. These three places are wonderful on their own, but their cheese is something special!

Queijo de Evora DOP is a semi hard-unpasteurized sheep’s milk cheese. The milk is from the Merino sheep. Cheese production runs from November to mid April. It is aged for 2 months. The cheese of Evora is delicate, light yellow and quite thick. The taste has hints of thistle and is slightly bitter with salty, fruity notes that become more crisp as the cheese is aged.

Queijo de Nisa DOP
is a semi-hard sheep's milk cheese with a yellowish white tone, and a robust taste. It is made from the milk of Saloio sheep. More than 22 local farms make the cheese, which is aged for a minimum of 45 days. The flavor of Nisa is a tad sweet and creamy, with a hint of walnuts. 

Queijo de Serpa DOP is produced near the border of Spain with milk from the Merino sheep and is aged for a minimum of about 2 months. 
The flavor is a unique mix of strong and spicy tones and slightly sweet and tart, with a hint of colorau, Portuguese paprika.

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