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Popular Festivals in the Alentejo

From street festivals, food fairs, parades, and music - where there is a street party, there is also a fair. Be enchanted by the diverse variety of Alentejo summer festivals, which celebrate music, religion, people and food. Many villages and towns in the Alentejo have their own traditional festivals (festas) or pilgrimages (romaria). These traditional festivals celebrate local history, food and culture. Locals are happy to see you stop in and enjoy the fun - and that’s a great way to experience the local culture. The festival of São Pedro, for example, is celebrated on June 29th with popular festivals linked to the summer solstice and ancient fertility rites.  In Évora it is a celebration of two popular saints, since the city has held the Fair of São João since the 16th century. One of the largest festivals in southern Portugal, the ancient city comes alive during the festivals of São João and São Pedro. Enjoy food, bonfires and offering pots of aromatic basil with four-line love poems.


Senhora da Redonda (near Alpalhão) has a festival on Easter Monday.
With a view over Besteiros, near Portalegre, in Senhora da Lapa, the party takes place in September.
In Benavila, Senhora de Entre Águas is celebrated on the last weekend of July.
At the Sanctuary of Senhor Jesus da Piedade, in Elvas, the festival starts from the 20th to the 27th of September, along with the pilgrimage and fair of São Mateus.


In Mora, Nossa Senhora das Brotas, in Brotas, framed by the houses of the pilgrims, this church is a unique example of rural architecture and charm, and its feast is celebrated on the 2nd weekend of August.
In Azaruja, Nossa Senhora do Monte do Carmo celebration takes place on the 2nd Sunday of September.
Nossa Senhora da Boa Nova de Terena, this 14th century castle town holds its feast on Easter Sunday and Monday.
In Viana do Alentejo, Nossa Senhora d'Aires is the biggest pilgrimage on horseback in the Alentejo and takes place on the 4th weekend in April and the fair taking place on the 4th weekend in September.
In Montemor-o-Novo, the feast in honor of Nossa Senhora da Visitação on the 2nd of July.


Senhora da Represa, on the road that connects Cuba to Vila Ruiva, is on Easter Monday.
Part of the Fresco Route, Nossa Senhora da Guadalupe, also called S. Gens, in Serpa, celebrates the festival of Good Friday on the following Tuesday.
In Castro Verde, near Salto, São Marcos de Ataboeira, Nossa Senhora de Aracelis celebrates a festival the 1st weekend of September.
Between Ourique and Santa da Serra, Nossa Senhora da Cola festival takes place from the 7th to the 8th of September.


In Tróia, the feast of Nossa Senhora do Rosário is celebrated in early August.
In Sines, Nossa Senhora das Salas celebrates its feast on the 14th and 15th of August.
And in honor of Nossa Senhora da Graça, Vila Nova de Milfontes celebrates a festival on August 15th.

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