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On the Road... To Taste good wine!

Explore the Tejo Wine Route in Portugal

Portugal’s newest wine route is a treat for both wine lovers and road trippers alike. Extending for over 93 miles (150km), the Tejo Wine Route 118 features 14 stops in local wineries against a backdrop of peaceful, rural bliss. The activities you will discover on the way include wine tastings, cellar visits, vineyard tours, wine stores, restaurants and lodging. 
A Designation of Controlled Origin region– DOC, the Tejo region is known for wines with rich, fresh aroma and moderate acidity, resulting from a tasteful combination of national and international grape varieties. While traveling the Tejo Wine Route 118, you will have the chance to try whites, reds, rosés, sparkling and fizzy wines, liqueur wines and late harvest specialties, which are naturally sweeter. 
This up-and-coming wine region is growing in popularity among wine enthusiasts from all around the world, and it’s something you cannot miss on your next trip to Alentejo, in Portugal. Visitors who come for the wine are surprised with hearty food and local cheese pairings, numerous castles and cultural sites, and beautiful natural landscapes.
Beyond from the 14 wineries listed on the Tejo Wine Route 118 map, the Ribatejo and Alentejo towns that the road cuts through have plenty to offer for a relaxing vacation away from the big, overcrowded cities. Stay in the many locally operated bed and breakfasts, hotels inspired by nature, or rent Alentejo-style farmhouses where you can enjoy the peaceful surroundings. 
If you’re interested in wildlife, explore the Natural Reserve of Tejo’s estuary mouth, created to protect migratory aquatic birds like black cowbirds and pink flamingos. These marshlands are also home to horses and bulls, and house remains of the salt harvesting tradition where the river meets the sea.

Portuguese Route 118 is one of the flattest drives in the country, running along the left bank of the Tejo River from the border with Spain near Marvão to the coastal inlet in Lisbon. Whether you choose to travel by car, by motorbike, by train or by bus, this wine route is one stop shop to explore off the beaten path destinations in Alentejo, Portugal while tasting expertly made wines from all around the Tejo River.
Driving the Tejo Wine Route 118 is the perfect option for travelers flying intro Lisbon’s Airport who are looking for a turn-key trip plan, as you can easily rent a car and follow the route map towards great wines and delicious food.
Below are the all the local wine producers you can visit:

1.Casal da Coelheira (Tramagal, Abrantes)
2.Lagoalva (Alpiarça)
3.Pinhal da Torre (Alpiarça)
4.Casa Paciência (Alpiarça)
5.Quinta da Atela (Alpiarça)
7.Fiuza (Almeirim)
9.Falua (Almeirim)
10.Quinta da Alorna (Almeirim)
12.Adega Cooperativa de Benfica do Ribatejo (Benfica do Ribatejo, Almeirim)
13.Casa Cadaval (Muge, Salvaterra de Magos)
14.Companhia das Lezírias (Samora Correia, Benavente)

The newly created Tejo Wine Route 118 is an initiative by Rota dos Vinhos do Alentejo, in partnership with Comissão Vitivinícola Regional do Tejo (CVR Tejo), and supported by the tourism promotion agencies of Alentejo and Ribatejo.

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