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Bring Your Dog to Portugal

Dogs are our best friends, and if you are traveling for an extended period, you might not want to leave them at home. It will be work, but not as difficult as you might think to bring your dog to Portugal!

Portugal allows pets to travel to Portugal via commercial flights without quarantining dogs. Portugal requires an animal health certificate. Dogs need to be vaccinated against rabies, administered at the same time or after your pet is microchipped. The microchip must be ISO-compliant, and the pet must wait 3 weeks after receiving the rabies vaccine before arriving. The pet needs to have a health certificate done 10 days after arrival, signed by a qualified veterinarian. Portugal is free of dog rabies. 

Dogs who are less than 15 weeks old are not allowed to travel. And, some aggressive breeds are not allowed entry. Check with your airline, as there are two types of transport: In cabin for small breed dogs in a carrier, or in the cargo hold for large, healthy animals.

On arrival at the AirPort the airline will view the papers, and the animal reservation has to be made at time of bookings — and that may mean some phone time to get booked in.

There is an additional cost for this, about $200 per pet, per flight.

Portugal is a pet-friendly place — in fact many Portuguese have a pet. But there are rules — beaches often do not allow dogs during the summer. And, some parks are not open to pets, so be sure to check in advance. Rule of thumb, businesses make the call on allowing pets in or not. Some shops and restaurants are even marked as "pet friendly,” allowing you to bring your pet in on a leash. However, most restaurants do not allow pets inside, but due to the warm weather, you can also enjoy a meal alongside your pet on a terrace-but be sure to ask permission before entering a shop or eatery. Dogs are often quite welcome in outdoor dining and cafe areas.

Be sure to check with your car rental company to see if a dog is allowed. Public transport is varied. But, CP Portugal rail Allows pets, if they are in a carrier, and buy a ticket at the station the day of the trip.

What about hotels and AirB&BS? Most major search sites, such as Hotels.com, Expedia and Orbitz allow you to find dog-friendly properties. There are a number of pet-friendly hotels in Portugal. Pets are not allowed on specific beaches during the summer, but you will always find beaches where this is not the case. Be sure to let the owner/hotel be aware that the pet is coming. And be sure to see if there are any rules — as in not to leave them alone, or a security deposit or extra fee.

Regardless of age, dogs may be admitted to the US without restriction if they appear healthy and have been in a rabies-free area for at least the six months immediately before a return to the US.
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