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Honeymoon in Portugal? Explore the Romance of the Alentejo

The Alentejo is Portugal’s heartland — with rolling plains, cork forests and endless light. But the Alentejo goes beyond the land — the name means beyond (além) the Tejo River.  From north to south, the region is surrounded by water with three main Portuguese rivers crossing the Alentejo and the Atlantic Ocean touching its southwestern coast. 

Once in the Alentejo you can enjoy life like a prince and princess and enjoy a stay in a former royal palace, castles, and monasteries that have been transformed into lavish hotels. In a place where history runs deep, and influences from Romans, Moors and knights, this is a unique way to explore our history. Or, seek out an elegant farm inn in one of our many classic Montes, set in the Alentejo forests, where you will rise to the sun and the sounds of nature and the unique landscapes. Rural tourism operators offer friendly retreats that will let you savor the lifestyle of the Alentejo.

The well-preserved medieval city of Évora is the main city of the Alentejo. Inside its intact walls, Évora’s winding streets unveil unequaled architectural masterpieces from a massive medieval cathedral, to a Roman temple to renaissance palaces. A host of modern restaurants offer a new take on classic Alentejo cuisine. Romantic cafés dot the edges of squares, and sweeping vistas are to be had from the old walls.

But Évora is far from the only city with romantic inns, nearby are the fortified towns of Elvas and Estremoz. And there are charm-steeped hilltop walled villages such as Monsaraz, Évoramonte, Terena and Marvão. And the elegant royal palace at Vila Viçosa delights with elegance and style.

All the while, cork and olive trees paint the Alentejo landscape, where river beaches, hiking and horseback riding are part of the culture.

No matter where you stay, authentic and warm Alentejo hospitality and people that are eager to share the best food, culture, will always welcome you and to the best outdoor experiences our region has to offer. Come honeymoon in the Alentejo and you will feel at one in a place unlike any other. 

Yes, there is the natural beauty, but our Alentejo has a glamorous side too with a selection of design and boutique hotels exclusively dedicated to local cuisine with a gourmet twist, wines or spa treatments using the region’s natural resources. 

Discovering an elevated traditional cuisine and delicacies as simple as dipping bread in our distinct local olive oil, sampling the faultless wines and exploring the rolling plains, natural reserves and more than 85 miles of coastline, or learning about the ancient peoples that once lived in the Alentejo and made it as unique as it is today.  The perfect honeymoon destination.

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