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Serra d'Ossa Cyclin'Portugal

Serra d'Ossa Cyclin'Portugal Centre (SDO - Serra d'Ossa CC)

The Serra d’Ossa Cycling Centre has 3 entrances and extends over the municipalities of Redondo, Borba and Estremoz, all of which are in the Serra D’Ossa.
The Cycling Centre's main entrance is in the old Freixo primary school, in the municipality of Redondo, which is currently used as a visitor centre and from which 6 road routes take visitors through the three municipalities: 1 green, 2 blue, 1 red and 2 black. This network has 392.25km of routes, 132.05km of which are signposted.
A secondary entrance is also located in Redondo, in the old Aldeia da Serra primary school in the centre of Serra d’Ossa, which is also the starting point of 2 MTB-XC routes, one of which is a red route, and the other black, totalling 81.22km.
The third entrance is in Borba, beside the football pitch in the village of Rio de Moinhos. From here, 5 gravel routes (1 green, 1 blue, 1 red and 2 black) and 1 MTB - XC red route extend over 213.31km, 25.2km of which are signposted.
There is a bulletin board in Estremoz with a map showing 2 red and black road routes and 3 red and black gravel routes.
Overall, the Serra d’Ossa Cycling Centre's network of trails covers 686.78km, 157.25km of which are signposted. Each of the Centre's entrances are equipped with a repair station and bike wash, as well as toilets/changing rooms.