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Arripiado - Chamusca Cyclin'Portugal Centre

Arripiado - Chamusca Cyclin'Portugal Centre (CHM - Arripiado - Chamusca CC)

The Arripiado - Chamusca Cycling Centre is in the centre of Arripiado, south of the Tagus. Its main entrance provides all cycling centre essential features: toilets, changing rooms and a service station with a bike wash and where minor repairs can be carried out. A secondary entrance is in the village of Chamusca, facing the municipal market. 

The MTB - XC network here was designed with local cyclists and clubs in mind, taking visitors through the most iconic locations in the area as they indulge in their favourite sport. Its seven routes and one connecting route make up a total of 362km. 


01 Arripiado  XC   Green  11,5 kms
02 Arripiado  XC Blue  22,4 kms
03 Arripiado  XC Red  27,2 kms
04 Arripiado  XC Red  22 kms
05 Arripiado  XC Red  45,8 kms
06 Arripiado  XC Black  107,9 kms
07 Chamusca  XC Red  67,3 kms
Connection  LG   26,59 kms