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Castelo de Vide/Marvão Cyclin'Portugal Centre

Castelo de Vide/Marvão Cyclin'Portugal Centre (MRV/CVD - Castelo de Vide/Marvão CC)

The Castelo de Vide/Marvão Cycling Centre is located in the Serra de São Mamede Natural Park. Its main entrances are in Beirã (Marvão) and Castelo de Vide, and a secondary entrance is located at the Póvoa e Meadas dam. The main entrances at Beirã and Castelo de Vide provide Cycling Centre essential services: toilets, changing rooms and a service station for bike washing and minor repairs. Toilets and a service station can be found at the secondary entrance, at the Póvoa e Meadas dam. This centre provides routes that range from MTB to tourer and gravel trails, with a total of 21 routes available to visitors, as well as 2 connecting trails covering a total of 735km. 


01 BeirãXCGreen14,9 kms
02 BeirãXCBlue17 kms
03 BeirãXCRed34,4 kms
04 BeirãXCBlack96,3 kms
05 BeirãXCBlack74,8 kms
06 Castelo de Vide XCGreen6 kms
07 Castelo de VideXCBlue
31,2 Kms
08 Castelo de VideXCRed44,5 kms
09 Povoa e MeadasXCRed32,2 kms
11 BeirãESGreen16,6 kms
12 BeirãESBlue
26 kms
13 BeirãESRed44,7 kms
14 BeirãES Red39,2 kms
15 BeirãES Black82,8 kms
16 Castelo de VideES Green8 kms
17 Castelo de VideES Blue16,8 kms
18 Castelo de VideESRed41,6 kms
19 Castelo de VideES Red55,8 kms
20 Povoa e MeadasESBlue21,4 kms
21 Povoa e MeadasGRGreen18 kms
Connection 1  4,2 kms
Connection 2   5,6 kms