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The São Domingos mine contains a unique knowledge mystical and life force, where, through the mining activity, a very particular form of social organization was built. In contrast with the aridity of the mining area, we can find the relaxing green landscape of Tapada Grande, the gentle fields of grain and flowers, the carob plantations, the majestic stone peaks and the abandoned hills of the Alentejo, built in rammed earth and adobe, which take us back to ancestral knowledge.

Exit the door of Hotel da Mina de São Domingos and cross the road toward the wall of the Tapada Grande Dam. Take to the left of the wall and go up the hill that lies at its end, taking a slight descent followed by another climb to reach the new dirt road that exits the highway at this location. Follow straight ahead through the dirt road, admiring the fields of carob trees and the imposing hills topped by quartzite rocks, until you reach the Monte do Guizo, where you can rest and have a drink of water. Go back a little and turn left - heading northeast -, passing next to a huge lake and several Alentejo pig farms, toward the Monte Vale Travesso, which is completely in ruins. Take a moment to admire these ruins with their typical construction in rammed earth and adobe. Follow the path to the East, through the undergrowth and the "montado”, in order to cross the Cabeça de Aires River where the Tapada Grande reservoir begins. Go around the reservoir from the top, until you reach the river beach and finally enter the Mina de São Domingos village, worth a visit.

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