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The village of Amieira and the village of Alqueva are two of the most emblematic riverside villages of Lake Alqueva, standing a few meters of its banks. Around them, the fields stretch to the horizon, being cut as the lake’s banks changing according with the rise or fall of the water level. These are the open fields where, when walking, one can feel the true sense of freedom.

Given the linear typology of this route, you should provide for the return: you can request transportation by taxi, available from Portel. Start your tour at the Cais Fluvial (River Dock) in the village of Amieira and walk around the wooden walkway. Enter the village and at the Largo do Jogo da Bola (square), turn right, into the old road that is now submersed in water. Before that, turn left and follow the dirt track, passing along the old stables and onto the tight curve to the left, leading back to the village. In the village of Amieira, cross the Nora Park, take the Rua do Chafariz (fountain street) and pass the chapel of São Romão and the main village square, Largo 1º de Maio. Pass along the Beco do Castelo (alley of the castle) and exit toward the roundabout to the Bullring. Take the access road to Amieira Marina and, if you wish, make a round trip detour to visit this site. Back at the place where you made the detour, take the rural path that follows the edge of the reservoir. After Horto do Balanco and Horto do Zambujeiro, where the road makes a tight curve to the right, keep going until you reach the end of this small peninsula to visit the Antas de Torrejona (dolmens), right next to the banks. Go back to the main path and start climbing the slope. At the first crossroads take the left and further ahead continue to the right, where you will find a cattle gate that should open and close. Start going down along the river’s meanders without ever leaving the main path, which can be identified by the type of floor. Finally, cross the Ribeira de Codis bridge and reach the Alqueva village that gives its name to the Dam and all of this territory. End the route at the Parish Church of St. Lawrence.

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