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Reguengos de Monsaraz

Being in Monsaraz is almost like touching the sky. High on top of its more than three hundred metre altitude, it dominates the surrounding plain and ensures the best views of Lake Alqueva, which almost reaches the base of its rock mass. A location of great landscapes, this village was throughout time chosen by different peoples as a place of dwelling and defence, giving rise to a walled set that marks the skyline and defines the history of the region.

Exit Monsaraz through the door of the village, in the North, and down the right, around the first wall towards the Ermida de São Bento (chapel). Go round the Estalagem de Monsaraz (inn) and climb down the slope towards Ferragudo and toward the Orada Convent. In the vicinity, you will see the Xerez Cromlech, where you will head north through the rural road that passes next to the Roman bridge of Pêga. Follow towards the Aldeia do Outeiro (village) and cross the settlement until you reach the tight curve of the national road 1125, to then follow the path towards the west, where you can see the Serra da Barrada on the right. Pass by the Outeiro Menhir, go up toward the village of Barrada, cross the road and walk down the rural road to the Monte Saraz accommodation. Turn right and immediately left. Pass South of Horta of Reboredo and keep going until you reach a crossing with the Estrada Real (road). Here you can go straight ahead to see the Belhoa Menhir, there and back, to then go South taking the Estrada Real (road) which leads up to the village of Telheiro with its impressive fountain. Take the hill that lies between the old school and the guard station. Go up the hill until you find the entrance to Monsaraz. When the time comes to visit the narrow streets, don’t miss the Castle: walk along its walls and return to the village, getting to know all its corners.

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