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Food and Wine Itineraries

From Farm to Table

What are the Food and Wine Itineraries "From Farm to Table"?

A place where we meet producers who open their doors to food and wine experiences.

They contain five main itineraries subdivided into 17 routes that identify and locate these producers, tell us about their companies and products, and show us what we have to do to stop by.

In each route there is a map and a set of suggestions that you may follow as it pleases you, depending on your particular interests, the time you have, the season of the year and the producers’ availability.

It is a challenge to travelers who like to organize their own expeditions.

A priceless guide to professionals who aim to enrich their offer by adding the region’s flavors and the direct contact with the producers.

Want to get some hands-on experience?

These food and wine itineraries invite you on a mouth-watering journey through the region’s productsand through the skills and art that originate the cuisine and wines of this immense region. On both sides of river Tagus.

You can use them to participate in olive picking, breathe the unmistakable aroma of the mills in operation and taste the olive oils. You may spend a few hours picking and treading the grapes and learning how to combine different varieties to make good wine. You may find out about the rice cycle, from the flooded fields to the drying centers. Or even become a home-based mushroom producer.

You may visit fishing ports, attend fish auctions and discover what it takes to get the fish, molluscs and shellfish that make our waters famous. Take a walk on the oak pasture where pigs are raised freely, have fun with the goats and sheep grazing in colorful meadows of wild flowers, and see where wild asparagus, truffles and golden thistle grow.

Visit ancient family farms with promising future visions. Taste cheeses, sausages and cured hams at the houses and shops of local producers. Eat well and drink even better. Sign up for traditional cooking activities, discover recipes for desserts, jams and liqueurs, and follow the beekeepers as they collect honey. Find out when food and wine events are being held and taste the best regional products as they come from farm to table.

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