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Dominating the Landscape

The revered icons of the Ribatejo

Throughout the Ribatejo region, horses, cattle and bulls are an integral part of the landscape. Ranches and stud farms are scattered liberally and their livestock form an economic bedrock as well as ensuring the ancient traditions and the near-religious reverence of these noble animals are perpetuated. 
The Pure Blood Lusitano is one of the oldest horse breeds in the world, with a lineage tracing back to 20,000 BC. With a noble bearing, docile manner and hard working attitude, it has always been versatile and, to no surprise, it is an icon of the Ribatejo landscape. Across the Ribatejo there are many studs and ranches where this elegant horse is bred and where visitors can admire these magnificent animals up close.

Golegã is the horse capital of the region, with two major events, the National Horse Fair and the Expoégua. All around is exhilarating riding terrain, whether along the banks of the Tagus, through the vast open plains or over the heathland scrub. And handily, there are a number of routes to follow, either by car or on horseback.