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Borba is a gateway to the region of marble, the "white gold” of the Alentejo, but it is also here, very close to Rio de Moinhos, that the fantastic Serra d’Ossa rises in the middle of the plain where the Ribeira de Lucefécit springs and where you have a view as far as the eye can see, making this territory a compelling destination for those who enjoy wide horizons.

From the Church of São Tiago of Rio de Moinhos, go down and take the road of São Gregório, following the indications "Serra d’Ossa”. Make a small detour to visit the Chapel and Village of São Gregório and return to the original path. Keep following the road until you cross the Ribeira de Lucefécit, after which it turns left. Follow the dirt road to the right and begin a gentle climb. After about 500 metres, make a detour from the main path to one less visible to the left and continue to climb, keeping always to the left and close to the fence. Walk by a small dam docked in the valley and follow the footpath that runs beside the ruins of the Monte das Hortas. At the end of the footpath there is a fountain and the route to take is located just before, on the right, by a steep water line. At the top, continue to your right until you find a crossroad of several paths to follow in the North direction. Inside the eucalyptus forest, keep following the hillside for about two miles and at the end turn left, reversing the direction, so as to access, through a wide firebreak, the geodesic landmark Carneira. From this location, keep following the firebreak at the top of the mountain for about three and a half kilometres, admiring the landscape at your feet. Take care going down the first firebreak on the left, which leads to Monte da Defesa de Baixo. Turn left at the dirt road, passing the Monte da Defesa de Cima until you reach the bridge of Ribeira de Lucefécit. From this point, follow the road of São Gregório in the opposite direction from the one you took, until you reach the starting point.

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